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Waste your waist away for better health

14 Aug


Winnipeg, August 13, 2007 

Don’t belive anyone who tells you that you can spot reduce. The only way you can do that is by surgery.  When you reduce you reduce all over your body.

According to a BBC article of August 13, 2007, researchers at University of Texas found that a person’s waist size relative to their hip size is a key indicator of possible pending heard disease.

According to the experts whose research included over 2000 men and women, a size of 32 inches (81cm) for a woman or 37in (84cm) for a man,  and over spells trouble.

Researchers recommed that moderate exercise  e.g. walking hal-hour, five days a week is the minimum required to maintain good health.

The key: Move your body, every movement uses calories and it counts!

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