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Back Story behind American Food Pyramid – Have we been pawns to big industry?

18 Jun

Can you imagine the businesses below involved in our school’s lunch programs?

Not surprisingly, the school lunch program is equally rife with conflicts of interest with the food industry. For example, the School Nutrition Association (SNA)23 is an association of food professionals who describe themselves as “providing high-quality, low-cost meals to students across the country.” So who are these “food professionals” exactly? Would it surprise you to learn that SNA’s members include some of the largest junk food manufacturers? This includes:
•Domino’s Pizza
•General Mills
•Pizza Hut
•Sara Lee and others

Check out the whole story below

Be wary of Chilean Salmon – virus suspected

15 May

Safeway supermarket chain has taken the lead in banning farm-raised salmon from its supplier of Chilean salmon, Marine Harvest one of the largest producers of farmed salmon because of a suspected virus that is killing millions of fish over there. 

Safeway made its decision to restrict some purchases of Chilean salmon after an article on March 27 in The New York Times reported the spread of the virus and detailed concerns by biologists and environmentalists about the elevated use of antibiotics in the country’s salmon industry. The story also reported researchers’ claims that salmon farms were contaminating fishing waters and creating stresses that could be spawning illnesses in the fish.

 Whatever it is, be warned and stay away from this fish until a complete investigation has been completed. Why take a chance on your health.

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