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Take advantage of fresh tomatoes in your cooking and salads

20 Sep

I am reaping tomatoes that I have not sown. A few plants started growing on my composting heap and I am beginning to reap it.  Some consider this a fruit and others a vegetable. Whatever it is just eat as much as you can while it is in season. Tomatoes are really high in all kinds of nutrients that sustains the body well.

Tomatoes are at the height of their season from summer to fall. During these months, farmers’ markets boast an abundance of juicy, sun-ripened tomatoes by the barrel or basket. And if the tasteof this colorful fruit isn’t enough to sway you, consider this: Tomatoes are rich in lycopene, a powerful carotenoid that may help to prevent heart disease and cancer, especially prostate cancer.  Go for it.

I am heading out this Saturday to the Farmer’s Market to buy even more so that I can freeze some.

St Norbert Summer Market Is Open

21 Jul

This market is located about 30 minutes from the downtown, Winnipeg Manitoba.  It is a treat to go there. It’s a hub of activity, with farmers, artisans,  food venders selling fresh, organic stuff  and fresh homemade bread.  This is one of the oldest summer markets in Manitoba and people generally look forward to its opening usually early July.  These markets can however be found in most small communities nowadays.  Not only are these food cheaper because it is really cheap and one can eat this type of food for the summer.  Talking about that, I am seriously thinking of buying a bigger freezer to store some of this food for the winter. At least I will know what I am eating – that the food I am eating did not travel from Timbuctu to my plate but just an hour or so away.  Thats the food to eat.

I urge you find a local market and stock up. Food is the most important thing to our health. 

For the poorer person who does not have a car, there are buses that go to these markets, hop on one or find a friend with one, pay the gas and get food that will be good for you.

Have a great weekend y’all  – live wisely using your common cents

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