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Brain wiring link to paedophilia

28 Nov

Scientists are now saying that the brain pattern in a pedophile is different from ordinary people.  It has substantially less of the “white matter” responsible for wiring the different parts of the brain together.  However, a study by the Centre fore Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto  said it is not excuse to sexually abuse children.  Not being able to choose your sexual interest doesn’t mean you can’t choose what to do, said Dr. James Cantor of the Centre.It had been widely thought that paedophilia was triggered by childhood trauma or abuse. However, the condition has also been linked to low IQ, suggesting a possible link to brain development. Paedophiles are also three times more likely to be left-handed. Dr Narender Ramnani, an expert in cognitive neuroscience at Royal Holloway University of London, was surprised by the results. He said: “Environmental factors cause changes in the structure of the brain, so it is not clear whether these differences occur because of environmental factors, or whether these are in fact innate developmental traits that make people susceptable to such traits.” A total of 127 men participated in the study; approximately equal numbers of paedophiles and non-sexual offenders.

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