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Being duped by advertisers

2 Sep

I just came back from Price Choppers and they had some delicious looking cherry tomatoes. I love cherry tomatoes especially the sweet one. There two types side by side but they were advertising the cherry tomatoes as “super sweet”.  I bought one of each and couldn’t wait to get home to wash the cherry tomatoes and plunk a couple in my mouth. I was so disappointed. They were both very tart and not so palatable for me. Some people may like tart things but not me. 

This is false advertisement. Didn’t someone taste these things.

Anyway fresh figs are also in supermarkets. I guess they are in season. I urge you get some of this fresh goodness and nutrition packed fruit while it is in season. I was picking up some and an Italian man was also picking up some from the bin, carefully choosing particular ones. I asked him if they tasted comparably to those that come from Italy (these were from California).  He said that in Italy they do not even bother with the plum-coloured figs. They preferred the green ones. He said these days they don’t both with them that much because they attract bees, they are labour intensive to collect and besides there are so many other fruits – these just are thrown by the wayside. Imagine!

These fruits are naturally sweet. If you are baking, these could easily replace sugar in a big way and save a heck of a lot of calories. I love these figs, love the crunchy insides because of the fine seeds.

Check it out at your local supermarkets and try these tasty fruits – they’ll do you good.

Figs the miracle fruit

27 Jun

figs.jpgYesterday I bought some fresh figs from the supermarket. I asked where they got the fruit from and the storekeeper said he believed it is from the US.  I know figs is a Mediterranean staple.  

Figs are thought to be originally from small Asia and are one of the first fruits cultivated ever.  However, the fruit was so good and very sweet. I loved the texture then I read up on it.  This fruit is a dynamite of nutrients.  It is high in fibre, high in calcium, promotes good sleep, lowers blood pressure,  helps the brain and all kind of good stuff but the draw back is it is also high in calories because of its sugar content.   If you are going to try it you cannot eat a lot or you might gain instead of lose weight. Always a drawback eh!
It is said that humans could live on Figs alone as a source of food — such is the goodness and nutrition in the fruit!

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