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Time for a little holiday review of portion sizes

26 Nov

Thanksgiving just past for some (US) Canadian celebrated their Thanksgiving earlier and before that was Halloween – so we have been treating ourselves more than usual.  It is easy to get carried away and forget that it is not so much what you eat but how much.  Remembered there is always the balance. Fat is the difference between how much you take in and how much you expend. Anything that is left over  parks in the fat zone. Christmas is coming and that is another time we will start another eating frenzy. It’s important you keep portion sizes on the radar screen.  Here are some tips by professionals in the field:

       –Measure out proper portions for one week to learn what the serving size looks like.

       –Dish out meals and snacks in single serve containers before storing them in the pantry, fridge or freezer.

–   Spend a little extra on pre-measured foods if that technique helps you eat less; it won’t cost more in the end because you’d have finished the box faster the old way.

   –    At restaurants, when the mega-plate arrives, immediately cut it in half and ask the waiter to bring a second plate, and put it aside, or better yet have the waiter put it in a doggie bag at the start of the meal, so you’re not tempted by it.

I am going to take this advice as well because it is a great idea.

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