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A sparerib threatened the career of Opera Singer

2 Dec

spareribs2.jpgspareribs.jpgMaria Field’s extra set of ribs choked off her voice and prevented her from enjoying her love of singing.

She grew up not being able to enjoy a regular childhood like the rest of the children. She was plagued by some health problem or the other. She could not walk too far, she became exhausted quickly.

Health problems were her friend and she lived with theme as a matter of fact. However it was not until Maria’s arms  became numb and her shoulders were swollen and she had to give up her 17 year career as an opera singer came to an end she demanded answers from her doctors. She wanted to know  the reason. Not being able to sing made her very sad.

Finally X-ray revealed Maria had not one but two extra ribs known as  “Cervical Ribs”.  Human beings usually have 24 ribs – 12 on each side. In order to sing again she would have to remove them but there were risks and one of them was that she might never be able to sing again.  Maria had the surgeries to remove the offending ribs at the Royal Devon and Exeter hospital in England by leading vascular surgeon, Mr. John Thompson.  The results were dramatic.“I could sing after the first operation because the swelling on my neck went then, but there was still a problem with my breathing so I had the other rib out last Wednesday. “It is amazing how much better I feel”.

“Before surgery I could not pull up my ribs and lift my diaphragm to sing but now I can much do so much higher and my stamina is better.Maria can look forward to singing her favor aria soon.

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