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Hairy Solution on the Horizon

24 Mar

Listen up guys a British Columbia herbalist may have discovered a solution to your balding problems.

 Dirk Stass of Cheryville, British Columbia, believed he may have accidently stumbled upon a cure.  Using herbal teas and concoctions from local plants and applying it to his scalp, Stass found that a month and half later his fiance discovered his bald spot wasn’t as bald anymore. What a surprise?  Encouraged by the success, Stass tried the formula on friends and family with the same surprising results. 

Stass said that the recipe rejuvenates the epidermis, and therefore cleanses the hair follicles which promotes  hair growth. He said the formula helps to halt balding rather than growing a headful of hair.  Stass is currently raising funds to do rigorous  clinical trial through the University of British Columbia Canada.

Autoimmune disease rising steadily

19 Mar

According to recent reports in Alternet, an alternative media there is somewhat of an epidemic of autoimmune diseases that no one is talking about. We are focused on the big three or four diseases: cancer, diabetes, heart, obesity – but there are others just as alarming but I suppose they are not that sexy for the media as yet.

     In my own small circle of acquaintances I have heard of several people, young people coming down with multiple sclerosis, lupus and diseases like these.  Could it be that our environment is turning against us. We have damaged our environment to such an extent that we may be paying the price for it with out health.

    The report stated that autoimmune diseases are the eith leading cause of death among women. Autoimmune diseases include: lupus, scleroderma, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, inflammatory bowel disease, Sjojgren’s, and type 1 diabetes.

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