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Help on the way for Fibromyalgia patients

14 Jan

I know quite a few people who say they experience severe pain in various parts of their bodies; the pain usually debilitating and unbearable. The condition has been diagnosed as fibromyalgia.  Fribromyalgia apparently affects mostly middle-aged women and medically it is described as chronic widespread pain of unknown origin like the other prevalent “women’s condition” called irritable bowel syndrome. Until the recent approval of a drug called Lyrica to treat this condition, there was no help for these people except strong painkillers which offered temporary or no relief. Some people had to quit their jobs because of this disabling condition and some sink into depression as well.  There are some disagreements between the professionals about whether this disease is real or psychosomatic.  Some doctors argue the disease does not exist and that Lyrica and the other drugs will be taken by millions of people who do not need them

  Recently as you may have seen on your television screen Pfzer has been advertising the FDA approved drug Lyrica for fibromyalgia.  Patient advocacy group are happy about this development and see it as a catalyst that would bring the case for fibromyalgia into the mainstream just as prozac brought depression into the mainstream.

   Whether fibromyalgia patients are pscychologically ill or physically ill, for the sufferers of this ailment, the pain is real and I suppose any help is better than no help.  However, I am dismayed that another drug is on the market that will make millions of dollars from women who are the main target of this new drug and there are side effects to this drug such as weight gain, edema etc.  Maybe there needs to be some other natural sources of help for these women.  How many side effects can be treated in one person. It becomes very confusing and disheartening. These medicines take a healthy patient and sometimes turn them into cripples because of side effects.

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