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Another lazy person no-cook recipe

16 Oct


*      100 – 120        Cheese Ritz Crackers –packaged in sleeves is best – fewer broken

*      1 Kg                Creamy Peanut Butter

*      567 grams        Almond Bark or chocolate wafers (or 20 ozs)

*      ¼ cup               Shortening or lard– I use Tenderflake vegetable shortening        (NO 



*      Make sandwiches with 2 crackers and peanut butter filling, smooth edges w finger,  make about 55 – 60

*      Melt chocolate and shortening in microwave, stirring every ½ to 1 min (add enough shortening so chocolate coats cookies smoothly)

*      Drop cookies into chocolate, turn or dunk with fork

*      Lift out on fork tines, let drip a bit, scrape excess off bottom of fork against edge of bowl

*      Set on wax paper, let cool

*      Keep in fridge as chocolate is a little soft


I had one of this cookie.  It has some redeeming quality as a nutritional food because of the peanut butter.  Perhaps if you use dark chocolate instead of regular chocolate you might get some more nutrition bang out of it.  Great taste though but go easy.

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