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Monsanto is trying to bribe its way into Hawaii

18 Jun

What can we as global citizens do to stop Monsanto in its track. This company that’s killing small farmers and killing us with its genetically modified concoction call food is now trying to use its influence by doling out money to local leaders in Hawaii to gets it way into their agricultural business. Monsanto is bad for business, bad for us and bad for the world. They are surviving because of lack of labelling on their food products. Their foods are fed to poor children all over the world with its food programs including to schools in the US of A. This company is too brazen. Let’s put an end to this madness now.

June 12, 2014 | Hawai’i has become “ground zero” in the controversy over genetically modified (GMO) crops and pesticides. With the seed crop industry (including conventional as well as GMO crops) reaping $146.3 million a year in sales resulting from its activities in Hawai’i, the out-of-state pesticide and GMO firms Syngenta, Monsanto, DuPont Pioneer, Dow Chemical, BASF, and Bayer CropScience have brought substantial sums of corporate cash into the state’s relatively small political arena.

Chemical Conglomerates Retaliate Against Local Democratic Control

These “Big 6” pesticide and GMO firms are active on the islands in a big way, making use of the three to four annual growing seasons to develop new GMO seeds more quickly. The development of new GMOs by these pesticide and seed conglomerates goes hand-in-hand with heavy pesticide use in some of the islands’ experimental crop fields, new data show.

Kaua’i County — consisting primarily of the island of Kaua’i, known as Hawai’i’s “Garden Isle” and home to Waimea Canyon State Park — passed a law in November 2013 that requires disclosure of pesticide use and GMO crops sewn by growers and created buffer zones around schools, parks, medical facilities, and private residences. The law is set to go into effect in August 2014.

Watch those Chicken Breasts

19 Dec

Most people delight in eating chicken breasts because we feel that is the best and healthiest part of the chicken. It’s white meat and we’re told that white meat is good for us. Well a recent study found that 67%.

The report analyzed more than 300 raw chicken breasts purchased at stores across the U.S., and found potentially harmful bacteria lurking in almost all of the it. The staggering statistic also included organic brands, so foodies beware: a revised label and trendy buzzword does not a safe poultry make. The numbers came to light during an intensive investigation after the October news of a national salmonella outbreak linked to three Foster Farms chicken plants, which soon yielded troubling results for more than just the one company’s chicken product. In the case of the Foster Farms outbreak, nearly 390 people were infected, with 40% of them hospitalized in critical condition—double the percentage historically linked to salmonella outbreaks. 

What are we going to do now? Why is this suddenly discovered? Does GMO has anything to do with this?

Pot is showing itself to be something that can heal the common man and save taxpayers dollars

3 Dec

Marijuana is a medicinal plant that was used in the Caribbean for many years.  There is even a folk song about it and no one was going crazy with it. Unlike.  There is plenty of proof that this could be the magic bullet for cancer but Iam afraid that the government is waiting to put it in the hands of pharmaceuticals to make millions out of a cure that is within the reach of the individual.  Why can’t marijuana be legalized so that people could heal themselves.  There are no side effects with the use of this drug that has appeared to work miracles in the lives of countless people. What is the hold up. Once this is put in the hands of pharmaceutical company they are going to mess it up and before long there will be long lists of side effects that go with its use because it would be tampered with foreign substances.

This is a herb and should be legalized now.  Too many people are suffering and looking for relief.

Do you know who dies to feed us?

2 Apr

Can our food do us much good if it is produced under inhumane conditions? What kinds of energy do workers put into harvesting or planting the foods that end up on our table when some has to die in doing so and it did not have to be that way, that is all business as usual and taking advantage of poor people who need the money for their families to survive.

Reading this article was shocking and I hope it is not true but I have a feeling that it is true.  Because we in North America eat so much and yet are the most unhealthiest people in the world. If it had not been for good medicine we might have all succumbed to over-eating and greed. Medicine keeps us alive but at what cost? The Pharmaceuticals have a hold on us because without them we would not be alive.

It is our duty to speak up about the kind of abuses farm workers have to endure for the little wage they receive. They are not animals and even animals get to drink water and find shades to rest.


March 30, 2012  |  

Cesar Chavez, the champion of farmworkers’ rights who gets his annual day of state recognition this Saturday, must be rolling in his grave. It’s been 37 years since Governor Jerry Brown, in an earlier life, signed the landmark agricultural labor relations act–and soon California legislators will debate whether to enforce rules to provide water and shade to the 400,000 farmworkers who harvest our food.

According to Assemblymember Betsy Butler, D-Los Angeles, author of the Farmworker Safety Act of 2012, “At least 16 farm workers have died since the state issued emergency regulations related to heat illness in 2005. Since all of the deaths were preventable, it’s clear that the regulations and their enforcement are ineffective.”

Let’s replay that: every year farmworkers are dying from thirst and heat exposure due to inadequate water and shade……..

Important information about controlling your High Blood Pressure

16 Jan

As someone who suffers from high blood pressure, I am always looking for ways to get off the water pills I am now taking. With this pill I have managed to keep my blood pressure under control for about 5 years but I am always looking for ways to get off this pill. My doctor says to me that I can never be cured of HPB because one you have it you have it. I refuse to believe that.

These days I drink a lot of hibiscus and other herbal teas. I was on noni juice for about six months and I saw a big drop in my blood pressure.  My sister had made the drink and gave me to bring back to Canada from the Caribbean. She has the tree but it is difficult to mail that kind of stuff from the Caribbean so I did not drink it for a while but am drinking a lot of hibiscus which has received a lot of rave lately.

My resolution for the new year is to try a vegan diet to bring my blood pressure down. If it works then veganism or pretty close to that would be my new way of living. One thing I am disappointed in the health foods that are available, many are packed in sodium and I do not eat those. All their fake meats have sodium levels that are definitely not healthy so I stay away from that.  I eat brown rice, lots of green vegetables, spices very little sea salt but lots of chili pepper, lemon etc. to spice my foods. Anyway check out the links and what you need from it.

Find out how garbage makes good food

12 Jan

This is an interesting article and a commentary of our affluence.  If we were living in a hostile environment, we might look at food very differently than how we look at it today. We throw away anything that does not appeal to our eyes as perfect, fresh and appealing.  This story shows us how what we throw away can be used in very healthy and appetizing ways. It’s an eye-opener and I enjoyed it very much. Please read and feel free to share your understanding and stories as well. Thank you

Stop Eating Too Much

4 Feb

As the nation’s obesity crisis continues unabated, federal regulators on Monday issued their bluntest nutrition advice to date: drink water instead of sugary drinks like soda, fill your plate with fruits and vegetables and cut down on processed foods filled with sodium, fat or sugar.More important, perhaps, the government told Americans, “Enjoy your food, but eat less.” Many Americans eat too many calories every day, expanding their waistlines and imperiling their health.

CBS) Diners these days are confused: They’re encouraged to eat fish for their health, but it seems like the news is full of stories about the potential dangers of seafood. With so much conflicting information, it’s hard to know what to make for dinner.

29 Jul


Diners these days are confused: They’re encouraged to eat fish for their health, but it seems like the news is full of stories about the potential dangers of seafood. With so much conflicting information, it’s hard to know what to make for dinner.

Dr. Mallika Marshall dropped by The Saturday Early Show to help separate fact from fiction.

Americans eat an astounding 1 billion pounds of canned tuna per year; it’s our most popular fish.

Tuna has “become a staple in the American diet. Who doesn’t love a basic tuna fish sandwich?” asks Marshall. “And now sushi has become one of our favorite ethnic foods, with hamachi or raw tuna being a big part of that cuisine. Also, seared ahi tuna is on many restaurant menus.”

But mercury is present in our water supply, and fish absorb the mercury, she points out. “The mercury is both naturally occurring in the environment and used in farming and manufacturing,” said Marshall. “Almost every type of fish contains some level of mercury, and larger fish, like tuna, contain higher amounts than other types. So because tuna is eaten in such large amounts by Americans and because it contains moderate levels of mercury … it can pose a risk for some people.”

For most of us, the level of mercury absorbed by normal consumption of tuna sandwiches or the occasional sushi dinner will cause no harm.

“But for a developing fetus or for young children, exposure to significant levels of mercury can lead to severe nerve and brain damage as well as milder intellectual, motor and psychosocial development. So it’s the developing fetus in a pregnant woman and young children that we’re most concerned with,” says Marshall.

Is there any kind of tuna that’s less potentially harmful? Marshall says light canned tuna has the lowest levels of mercury. “That’s because canned light tuna tends to be the meat of smaller tuna … and smaller fish tend to have lower levels of mercury,” she says.

“Albacore tuna comes from larger tuna which accumulate more mercury in ocean waters, so canned albacore tuna is higher in mercury than light. And tuna steaks and tuna used for sushi tends to have the highest levels of mercury because they also come from large tuna.”

The way that tuna is prepared — cooked, raw, or marinated — has no effect on the level of mercury.

There are some fish that seem to have lower levels of mercury: tilapia, mahi mahi, flounder, shrimp, salmon, pollock and catfish, for example.

If you must have tuna, how much is safe to eat? According to Marshall, “For men, non-pregnant or lactating women, and older children … it’s generally recommended that they get at least 2-3 servings of fish a week. It doesn’t have to be tuna, but tuna certainly counts.

“The FDA and EPA recommend that pregnant women, women who may become pregnant, nursing moms, and young children in particular eat no more than two six-ounce servings per week of tuna lower in mercury, like canned light tuna. A six-ounce serving is about the size of two decks of cards.”

Overall, the benefits outweigh the risks if care is taken, said Marshall. “We know that fish is a wonderful lean source of protein, and even the fattier fish, like salmon, sardines and tuna, are loaded with good fats, those omega-3 fatty acids that we know are good for your heart and your brain,” she says.

“And there is recent research to suggest that eating fish during pregnancy can have beneficial affects on the brain development on the fetus. So we have to strike a balance between getting the health benefits from fish without overdoing it on the mercury for pregnant women and young children.”

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