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Seasonal Affective Disorders – Flu Shots soon

2 Sep

Weather impacts on our health as the winter approaches the people who are sad affected may begin to twitch.

There is no question that the state of the weather impacts our health and moods in many ways.  The SAD effect, Seasonal Affective Disorder, is a condition that people experience when the sun loses some of its power and we get more dark than light. Some people feel a little depressed and some need intervention in order to carry on their work and daily lives effectively.  There is a special light source that mimics the sun and exposure to this light has been claimed to restore people’s joy and energy to carry on their lives.

You might have heard some grandmothers and father claim that they have certain powers in predicting when bad weather is on its way because of the type of pain they feel in their joints. Some experts say that in this case this may be mind over matter. If you are expecting joint pain on a bad day, it will happen and you may make the faulty connection of pain and bad weather. The thing is you may have ignored the pain you felt every other day.  Also spring can be a more difficult time for asthma suffers because of the greater number of spores that are in the air.

If you get flu shots the best time recommended is early October.

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