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Seniors trained to get moving to keep healthy

16 Nov

How to get teen-sweat scent under control

We all must have smelled it on our teens or on other teens especially boys as they enter puberty – the  bitter scent of perspiration.  Well here are some commonsense advice offered by The Nemours Foundation to keep that  stink at bay:- Shower daily with soap and water. – Wear clean clothes and underwear every day, and change socks frequently. If you’ve been sweating, change into clean, dry clothes. – Wear all-cotton t-shirts, underwear and socks, which absorb sweat better. – Apply deodorant (masks odor from underarm perspiration) or antiperspirant (helps prevent underarm perspiration altogether). A matter of cleanliness, isn’t  it?

Okay granny and grandpa smarten up

Being old is not excuse to sit around and complain of being tired.  Since we are not making as many babies as before, the researchers are now looking at you to help fill some labour and other gaps. You have to become more active to keep yourself healthy, as there won’t be enough youngsters to take care of you and your needs.

Scientists at the Universities of California and Los Angeles now say “We can teach older adults to get rid of those old beliefs that becoming sedentary is just a normal part of growing older,” Four times a week, the study’s 46 participants — all over the age of 65 — were taught in hour long sessions that activity can continue in old age.Forty-six seniors were studied and put on an exercise program to increase their walking and walla! they improved their stamina and increase the number of steps from 24 to 30 something thousands.


 Daycare Centres Ban Plastic Baby BottlesSome daycare centres are not waiting for firm proof. They are acting on the side of caution and have asked parents not to bring into their centres hard plastic containers such as baby bottles which is believed to be containing a chemical called bisphenol-A  that is harmful to humans.Manager  of a Toronto Daycare Centre, Moira Bell said she is concerned by some of the scientific studies. “The problem is that this is a chemical that is released into the formula once the bottle is heated,” she said.As recently as August 2006, Health Canada said there was nothing to worry about. “We’ve examined a risk for the toxicity of bisphenol-A and it does not pose a risk for the consumer,” Paul Duchesne, a Health Canada media relations officer.  
I would err on the side of caution too. Plastics are not good for anyone anyway – what is it made from – I’m sure lots of bad chemicals. Get rid of plastics I’d say.

Tell people to climb stairs and they will

 Attention all shoppers: taking the stairs protects your heart!!

That’s all people need to heed the message. This is the finding of  British researchers in their experiment to get people to take the stairs instead of hopping on to escalators.

Over six weeks, use of the stairway next to an escalator more than doubled.  Using this method as well as putting up colourful signs along the staircase, the number of people using the stairs increased from 4 to 10 per cent. The findings were recently published in the American Journal of Health Promotion.

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