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Best Before or Expiry Dates on Foods

20 Aug

Fortunately for us in North America, we live in a land of plenty and we sometimes busy so much food that we forget foods that we might have in our refrigerators.  Foods whose expiry or Best Before dates have long past.

   While eating these foods do not always make people sick. There are still  risks involved and we have to be careful to check these dates and make the appropriate decision.

I picked this information up while listening to TV on Sunday morning.

The author of this report stressed that Best Before Date ought to be strictly observed  when it comes to baby food. This to me is a no brainer. 

When you see incicles on the top of icecream in the freezer, it’s not good, throw it out. Hard cheese may be salvaged by cutting out the moldy parts. Never eat molds from cheese.

The message is pay attention to expiry dates. They mean something.

Vitamin D Craze

24 Jun

Recently a research was published saying that Vitamin D  is good for cancer.  It didn’t  take very long for Vitamin D to run off the shelves in the drug stores in the city where I live – Winnipeg.  People just rushed out and bought and stocked up on vitamin D.  For crying out loud, this is summer and you can get a lot of the stuff for free from the sun. Just be sure you wear the proper sun screen.  I think that as a people we are programmed to listen to those who we believe are experts in a particular thing. It is as if we abandon our own common sense and just do things because someone say so.  Not long after that report the experts said that Vitamin D is not a panacea. It may be helpful in combatting certain types of cancer. The recommended dosage is some 1000 mg per day.

Do we know if there are any side effects to taking such high dosage of vitamin D?  My motto has always been to take everything with a pinch of salt and exercise moderation in all that I do.

I have been studying foods on my own for more than 20 years and I can say that I am a healthy woman with few  health problems.  I do my research and follow my own heart in these matters.

My diet is simple. Dessert is not part of my mealplan. I may have a piece of fruit as a late night snack.  I try as far as possible to stick to foods that grow around my area. I do go for a mango, papaya and pineapple when in season.These tropical fruits takes between 4-8 hours to get to my market from its source. That’s not too bad.

I work hard for my money and to see it is stored energy. I use it very carefully and not on things that are not good for me.

Stick to moderation in all you do and you will be alright. Commonsense is still the best sense we have so let’s  use it.

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