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How good is gluten for humans?

29 Apr
Breads are common to most cultures. I have not come across a culture that does not have a bread as a staple.  How were breads made in the past and with what were they made.  Ethiopians use a couple of flours that have no gluten – teff and false banana (Enset); when I was growing up my mother made bread but added grated plantain to  the flour – she made the best breads and bakes.  Flours have never bothered me personally but I wonder if I should eliminate the gluten whether it would promote better better health. 
The number of people suffering from gluten-related illnesses appear to be growing so we have to take a closer look at  gluten.  Here is an article that may trigger more questions or greater understanding of  gluten and its impact on our health:

There may be a link between fast foods and concentration

27 Apr
I was watching TV the other evening and there was an article about  a drug which people are taking to help them concentrate. It is popularly used by students and professionals in high stressed jobs. They claim that this drug (I can’t remember the name but when I do I will post it here) helps to keep them focussed and productive. 
Perhaps they cannot concentrate because of what they eat. Take a look at this article below – we sure are what we eat:

Strategies to live healthier and longer

27 Apr
Stop smoking
drink less alcohol
eat a balanced diet
move around moderately
= health and longevity – simple maths
April 27

Talking about Smoking, drinking too much, inactivity, poor diet can age you by 12 years: study –  Lifestyle – MSN

Vegetables you can grow at home easily

26 Apr
Don’t have land – here is something you can do with a little piece of God’s earth or even in pots on your balcony. Check out this article and start growing your own vegetables – some of them anyway.

Have you ever tried having worms as pets

25 Apr

I love worms myself. Some of you might go eek!.  I love to pick them up and feel them crawl around in the palm of my hand.  It is no surprise that I have taken up the matter of worm composting. However, I have not been so fortunate.  I have made two attempts and both times my worms have died on me and thanks to the website below I now know why.  I am going to try again for a third time using the knowledge I have gained from the website below.  If you would like to produce soil to grow your plants and would like to do it the simplest way possible try worm compositing. It is fun, exciting and very useful.  Through these little crawlies your bio cuttings would be turned into black gold.  Enjoy the article below

Talking about Worm Composting

Recalls – contaminated chicken

25 Apr


Food agency recalls contaminated chicken product in Quebec –  Lifestyle – MSN CA

Spring is springing life afresh

25 Apr

I am so delighted that the past winter has been milder that we here in my neck of the wood is accustomed to. I am more excited about starting my vegetable gardening and to frequent the farmer’s market and start eating fresh f rom the land. I hope many of you, my subscribers and others have taken steps to wean yourselves off prefabricated foods and that you have started buying some of your food from the organic side of the produce section. You might pay a little more cash for good food but aren’t you worth it? Isn’t it time we stand up to those who feed us chemicals in our food to boost profits?  Once we stand up and say we’re not going to take this anymore, producers will have to change the way they make our foods. We  the consumers have immeasurable power. We have the choice of how we use and spend our money.   It is we who give producers the cue about how much we will go along with their polluting ways. So come on now, let’s work together for better foods and at the same time for the health of the planet as well.

Too much sugar contributes to

21 Apr

US researchers found that people who consume higher amounts of added sugar, such as in processed foods and beverages, are also likely to have higher heart disease risk factors.

Medical News Today News Article – Printer Friendly

Vegans be ware – Are you getting what you are paying for?

14 Apr

Check out this article.  What is neurotoxin anyway and what is it doing in my health food? Find out.

Which Veggie Burgers Were Made With a Neurotoxin? AlterNet

We have failed our children

8 Apr
Are we too busy making money outside the home and losing our children to the fast food chain? What would happen to their future? Will we outlive  them because we may have had a better start in life than we offer our children.
This article is a sad commentary on the state of our children’s health. Children do not want to eat real, nutritious foods, they prefer the fast food junk laced with addictive msg and other deadly spices that hook our children.  If something is not done soon, we will witness an ever fattening generation some of whom will succumb to anorexia and bulimia because they will fear instead of love food.  The foods they eat make them fat no matter how you dice it up. Real, whole grains, healthy foods help to keep us trim and healthy.
Parents, I’m sorry to tell you but you’ve got to start introducing real foods to your children.  We have to put them first and centre to make sure the next generation will outlive this one. Please
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