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A growing problem of epidemic proportion

24 Aug

According to recent research our blood pressure problem is set to explode if something is not done to stop it with the number of people suffering from this disease surpassing  exceed a billion in 20 years.  One in four adults all over the globe will have hbp thus increasing the risk of heart attacks and strokes not to mention the burden on health care systems.  This situation is easy to reverse experts agree. The cost of treating hbp is cost effective .What is the problem?  People are not taking their medicine as they should, and our lifestyles are in the pits.A person in the west has a 90 percent chance of developing HBP.  If people only move their bodies a bit, watch their salt and fat intake and take their medicines properly, this ticking time bomb could be alleviated. Physicians have a role to play. They need to convey the message that hypertension is the first, and easily measurable, irreversible, sign that many organs in the body are under attack; they also need to encourage their patients to follow a preventative lifestyle. A British Heart Foundation spokeswoman said high blood pressure often remained undiagnosed until a person encountered something as serious and potentially fatal, as a heart attack or stroke. For this reason it is vital that people know what their blood pressure is and how they can reduce it. Anyone over 40 years old should regularly check their blood pressure.

A normal pressure is 120/80. Anything above this number should be checked out. Experts say that even if your blood pressure is reduced back to normal with medication, do not stop taking your medicine. That would be dangerous.

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