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Dates a sweet alternative to sugar

5 Oct

A few days ago I felt like eating something sweet. I didn’t want fresh fruit so I wandered into my neighbourhood health food store and there were dried dates reasonably dates.jpgpriced. I thought I’d try them and then I proceeded to find out what these fruits are made of nutritionally speaking. My research indicates that this might perhaps be one of the oldest crops cultivated by man.  It is very sweet but is packed with several minerals including potassium,   phosphorus, calcium and  magnesium, vitamins such as  riboflavin, thiamine, folic and ascorbic acid, fats and easily digested sugars (glucose, sucrose and fructose).  Dates have special significance in the Middle East and Africa.  The desert people especially the Bedouins lived on dates and camel milk for months at a time.  Some claim this is a great diet food. It has satisfied my sweet tooth. If I need a sweet taste to my tea or coffee I take a bite of the fruit and a sip at the same time.  I don’t  miss sugar.    

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