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The Bloating blues

29 Dec

How to avoid belly bloating

Six common causes and solutions for abdominal upset and bloating

By Dr. Natasha Turner, ND Wed Dec 15 2010
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Whether it’s the large holiday dinners, the unusual foods or the high-carb treats, sooner or later your tummy will let you know that it’s not very happy. Indulging in holiday food fare seems to be worth the uncomfortable indigestion, flatulence, bloating and excess abdominal fat at the time, but it can sadly become an unhealthy lasting effect.

While abdominal bloating is sometimes related more to the function of the digestive system than to the storage of fat, when it comes to the holidays the old adage “calories in – calories out” rings true. All extra calories consumed will eventually be stored as fat somewhere, which may or may not include the belly area depending on your body type. If your stomach is flat on December 1st when you wake up in the morning then looks like you are four months pregnant by the end of January 1st, you can pretty much guarantee it’s a result of those high-calorie holiday treats.

Here are a few of the main culprits that can be causing your season-specific bloating or digestive woes, read more

How to get rid of a bloated belly

Inflammation could be a secret killer

29 Dec

Inflammation is a secret killer – learn how to stop it in is track.

Did you know that chronic inflammation is the only common link between cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and heart disease? Researchers describe it as “the fires within” and they’re referring to the way inflammatory proteins break down tissues and organs.  So how can we reduce inflammation in our bodies?  Here are the three triggers to look out for and the two best inflammation crushers to go for: Read more

How to stop inflammation

Time to go back to our roots

17 Dec

Could this woman’s epiphany or ah-ha moment save American family? The simple lesson is go back to your roots, see the way your ancestors lived and the kind of life they had, how did they make ends meet in the toughest times without overwhelming debt, learn how to be content and the value, the true value of what it means to be fully human living a human life in the real world and not in a bubble of someone else’s fantasy namely the advertisers and entrepreneurs who make us throw away good stuff, buy what we do not need and pile on debts that eventually kill us with its burden.

Vision — Homemade Prosperity: How to Get Out of the Consumer Trap AlterNet

Squabbles over American food safety – Why are some politicians against it?

1 Dec
I don’t understand why some Senators and farmers are opposed to something that would benefit all of us.  Food is one of the most important things for the human being and these days when our food come from helter skelter, someone should be checking to see that the food we are eating and paying big bucks for are worth the money.  When things go wrong, we all pay. Our health suffers and our healthcare costs go up unnecessarily just because someone was trying to cut corners.  I do not mind paying a dollar extra for my food if I know it will be properly inspected and the best practices are used in its production and delivery.
   When all is said and done, our health is all we’ve got and we cannot put a price on good health. When we are sick we are poor. The wealthiest people in the world often say “I’d give anything for good health” this should tell us that money cannot buy health.
Kudos to our senators and politicians who are on the right track on this and for those detractors, I say, you need to examine your values and consider whether the public is best served by you being in office.
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