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Jack Lalanne – father of fitness – lessons worth learning

31 Jan

Some might say there are people who is alive at more than 100 years and do not do exercise but we have to look at the life in the years of a person than the other way around. What’s the use of living on a couch, can’t do much, can’t enjoy life, just being there like a burden to others. That’s not living, that’s existing, just breathing . Jack was healthy to his dying day – now that’s what living is all about. We should all go out like a light bulb.  I would urge you to get active, eat fresh foods, eat simply and enjoy your life.

1. Weightlifting is good: Jack faced a lot of criticism from the medical establishment for this one.

2. “If man made it, don’t eat it.”: This was one of Jack’s famous quotes. He also said, “If it tastes good, spit it out.”

3. Your body can handle a lot more exercise than you think:

4. Focus on functionality:

5. Fitness is fun:

6. Use it or lose it:

7. If you have lost it, you can get it back:

8. Find out what you’re capable of:

9. Be a good example to others:.

10. Never stop being active:  Jack lived active, spry, and amazing for 96 years.

Read more, click on the link below.–10-things-we-learned-from-jack-lalanne

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