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Another opinion on what’s making us fat

4 Oct

Like everything our knowledge of health, fitness and diets evolve over time. I find the more information that is provided the more things look like the old ways was the best. Our ancestors ate real food and that did not seem to be a problem. They did not have all the electrical aids to make our work lighter. They used elbow grease and walked a lot. They did not sit on their butts all day and then go to the gym for artificial exercise. They did exercise as part of normal work and that worked. Modern comforts including comfort foods and non-foods we have ingested seem to be the elephant in the room that people are not willing to acknowledge and take a firm stand on. There is no need for artificial food and unfortunately our governments are silent on the issue. I found this article interesting and so I am sharing it with you. Would love to hear your opinion on it.


Are you a diet soft drink addict? Watch out for heart disease?

28 Feb

The latest in research appears to point to serious health risk to those who those who imbibe diet sodas. It is not surprising at all. I am sure most people are aware that drinking sodas in large quantities must have some serious health risks. I hope this article motivates some folks to take another look at their habits.


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