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Green foods to add to your diet

1 May



10 healthiest green foods to add to your diet now

These super nutritious vegetables and powerhouse ingredients are packed with health

benefits and flavour

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In celebration of Earth Day this past weekend, I’m going to challenge you to experiment with some new green foods. If you’re not already eating at least a few of these items on a regular basis, this is your chance to “green” your diet and try some of the best foods nature has to offer.

Here are my 10 favourite ways to eat more greens.

1. Cruciferous greens (kale, collards, Swiss chard)
These “super” veggies are at the top of list because they have no other job than to improve you health. They are loaded with fibre, calcium, magnesium and chlorophyll. The simplest way to enjoy these leafy veggies is to steam them, sauté them or add them raw into juices, smoothies and soups. Try a new leafy vegetable each week and then rotate them on a regular basis.

2. Fresh green herbs (dill, parsley, basil)
Fresh herbs in the spring and summer will lift up your meals and give them a boost, not only in flavour but nutritionally as well. I always try to put parsley into my green juices, salads or chopped on whole grains. Fresh herbs like dill are a wonderful accent to dips and soups. And use basil to make pesto – nothing beats the taste of it homemade!

3. Living greens (mung beans, broccoli and sunflower sprouts)
Sprouts are nutritional powerhouses loaded with enzymes, protein and fibre. They’re a living food, so will add a unique burst of freshness to your meal. Toss them in to salads, sandwiches or even alongside cooked grains, stir-fries and soups.

4. Spicy greens (arugula and mustards)
The spicy greens have a peppery and nutty flavour. They contain a rich source of vitamin C, vitamin K and vitamin A. They’re also a rich source of calcium. They will certainly add a zesty kick to your meal and help with digestion. Try adding them into your next salad or side dish.

Maple Syrup touted as a champion food

15 Apr

Recent research on maple syrup have found that it has a variety of polyphenols, compounds which are beneficial and found also in berries, tea, and flaxseed for example.  According to Dr. Navindra Seeram, an assistant Pharmacy professor at the University of Rhode Island.  Preliminary findings by Dr. Yves Dejardins, a plant physiology researcher at Laval University in Quebec, discovered that maple syrup may also be able to regulate blood glucose levels and help people suffering from Type II diabetes.    The results are still being refine so if you want a little wholesome sweetness be moderate. Regardless of its benefits, Maple Syrup is still a type of sugar and it has calories. More studies  on this sweet project.

More about Maple Syrup history 



Jack Lalanne – father of fitness – lessons worth learning

31 Jan

Some might say there are people who is alive at more than 100 years and do not do exercise but we have to look at the life in the years of a person than the other way around. What’s the use of living on a couch, can’t do much, can’t enjoy life, just being there like a burden to others. That’s not living, that’s existing, just breathing . Jack was healthy to his dying day – now that’s what living is all about. We should all go out like a light bulb.  I would urge you to get active, eat fresh foods, eat simply and enjoy your life.

1. Weightlifting is good: Jack faced a lot of criticism from the medical establishment for this one.

2. “If man made it, don’t eat it.”: This was one of Jack’s famous quotes. He also said, “If it tastes good, spit it out.”

3. Your body can handle a lot more exercise than you think:

4. Focus on functionality:

5. Fitness is fun:

6. Use it or lose it:

7. If you have lost it, you can get it back:

8. Find out what you’re capable of:

9. Be a good example to others:.

10. Never stop being active:  Jack lived active, spry, and amazing for 96 years.

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A thought for this day

6 Nov



To be healthy internally is to make the best use of all treasures. A healthy intellect acts like a mother, always showing the right path.

When internally one is strong, there is the natural ability to treat the mind with love and guide it towards the right direction. Such a healthy state of mind naturally enables the recognition and the proper utilisation of everything available. Once we have learnt the art of guiding our mind in the right direction with love, we then never experience the difficulty of having to bring back the mind to the right thinking. Because the mind is totally under control in a very easy and natural way and we don’t have to control it or force it to think or not to think in a particular way.








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