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Do you know who dies to feed us?

2 Apr

Can our food do us much good if it is produced under inhumane conditions? What kinds of energy do workers put into harvesting or planting the foods that end up on our table when some has to die in doing so and it did not have to be that way, that is all business as usual and taking advantage of poor people who need the money for their families to survive.

Reading this article was shocking and I hope it is not true but I have a feeling that it is true.  Because we in North America eat so much and yet are the most unhealthiest people in the world. If it had not been for good medicine we might have all succumbed to over-eating and greed. Medicine keeps us alive but at what cost? The Pharmaceuticals have a hold on us because without them we would not be alive.

It is our duty to speak up about the kind of abuses farm workers have to endure for the little wage they receive. They are not animals and even animals get to drink water and find shades to rest.




March 30, 2012  |  

Cesar Chavez, the champion of farmworkers’ rights who gets his annual day of state recognition this Saturday, must be rolling in his grave. It’s been 37 years since Governor Jerry Brown, in an earlier life, signed the landmark agricultural labor relations act–and soon California legislators will debate whether to enforce rules to provide water and shade to the 400,000 farmworkers who harvest our food.

According to Assemblymember Betsy Butler, D-Los Angeles, author of the Farmworker Safety Act of 2012, “At least 16 farm workers have died since the state issued emergency regulations related to heat illness in 2005. Since all of the deaths were preventable, it’s clear that the regulations and their enforcement are ineffective.”

Let’s replay that: every year farmworkers are dying from thirst and heat exposure due to inadequate water and shade……..

Watch out for Cantelopes laced with Listeria

1 Oct

Could it have been the irrigation water? Or a heavy rain storm? How could cantaloupes become contaminated with Listeria to cause the outbreak that, as of Thursday, had sickened at least 76 people and claimed 14 lives in 18 states?

As the number of deaths and illnesses linked to tainted Colorado-grown cantaloupes continues to grow, so does speculation about what caused the contamination at Jensen Farms.
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has said only that it found Listeria on melons, and on unspecified equipment in the production area of the packing operation in eastern Colorado. FDA investigators are working with state health authorities to determine what happened, and say they’ll use that information to find ways to prevent it from happening again.
What is arsenic doing in our apple juice even in safe dosages. Who needs arsenic? Can’s we find better ways of preserving food without killing us softly with the result?
According to Dr. Oz -“As a doctor and a parent, it’s concerning to me that there could be toxins such as arsenic in juice we are giving to our kids,” he said in a news release promoting the episode, which airs in Canada on CTV.The FDA has already launched a counter-attack before the episode airs. In a statement issued Tuesday afternoon, the FDA essentially says that yes, there is some arsenic in apple juice, but most of it occurs naturally and the amounts are perfectly safe.

Arsenic is a tasteless and odourless heavy metal that can increase the risk for kidney, bladder and liver cancer. According to Health Canada, inorganic arsenic is the most toxic to human health, while organic arsenic is considered to be non-toxic and t of concern to human health.

Low levels of arsenic may be found in a variety of foods and generally reflect normal accumulation from the environment.

Squabbles over American food safety – Why are some politicians against it?

1 Dec
I don’t understand why some Senators and farmers are opposed to something that would benefit all of us.  Food is one of the most important things for the human being and these days when our food come from helter skelter, someone should be checking to see that the food we are eating and paying big bucks for are worth the money.  When things go wrong, we all pay. Our health suffers and our healthcare costs go up unnecessarily just because someone was trying to cut corners.  I do not mind paying a dollar extra for my food if I know it will be properly inspected and the best practices are used in its production and delivery.
   When all is said and done, our health is all we’ve got and we cannot put a price on good health. When we are sick we are poor. The wealthiest people in the world often say “I’d give anything for good health” this should tell us that money cannot buy health.
Kudos to our senators and politicians who are on the right track on this and for those detractors, I say, you need to examine your values and consider whether the public is best served by you being in office.
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