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Spring is springing life afresh

25 Apr

I am so delighted that the past winter has been milder that we here in my neck of the wood is accustomed to. I am more excited about starting my vegetable gardening and to frequent the farmer’s market and start eating fresh f rom the land. I hope many of you, my subscribers and others have taken steps to wean yourselves off prefabricated foods and that you have started buying some of your food from the organic side of the produce section. You might pay a little more cash for good food but aren’t you worth it? Isn’t it time we stand up to those who feed us chemicals in our food to boost profits?  Once we stand up and say we’re not going to take this anymore, producers will have to change the way they make our foods. We  the consumers have immeasurable power. We have the choice of how we use and spend our money.   It is we who give producers the cue about how much we will go along with their polluting ways. So come on now, let’s work together for better foods and at the same time for the health of the planet as well.

Farmers Markets Now Open Across Canada

2 Jul

It’s time to give the supermarkets a rest and take advantage of the fresh produce available probably grown less than 100 km from your home. Give your body the boost it needs for the leaner winters when we have to suffice on foods that travel thousands of miles from your home with all kinds of chemicals to keep them looking fresh. Go for it – support your local farmers and keep our foods the way they should be fresh and healthy.



In St. Norbert’s market you can also get fresh Philippine Spring Roll, fresh Elk meat, fresh sausages and breads. There are a lot more than green vegetables. So hop on out to a market near you.

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