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Watch those Chicken Breasts

19 Dec

Most people delight in eating chicken breasts because we feel that is the best and healthiest part of the chicken. It’s white meat and we’re told that white meat is good for us. Well a recent study found that 67%.

The report analyzed more than 300 raw chicken breasts purchased at stores across the U.S., and found potentially harmful bacteria lurking in almost all of the it. The staggering statistic also included organic brands, so foodies beware: a revised label and trendy buzzword does not a safe poultry make. The numbers came to light during an intensive investigation after the October news of a national salmonella outbreak linked to three Foster Farms chicken plants, which soon yielded troubling results for more than just the one company’s chicken product. In the case of the Foster Farms outbreak, nearly 390 people were infected, with 40% of them hospitalized in critical condition—double the percentage historically linked to salmonella outbreaks. 

What are we going to do now? Why is this suddenly discovered? Does GMO has anything to do with this?


Deadly junk food you eat

13 Oct

Are you into fast food breakfasts, if so, you might want to read this article.  Although if you are one of the subscribers to this blog, you are not the one who should read this because you are already on a path to conscious eating and knowing what you put in your mouths, but it is a good reminder for all of us to see how the capitalists influence our health by cutting corners and dumping garbage on us.  We have to be aware and spread the message – Live fuller – stop eating the trash you pay good money for!

 6 Revolting Breakfasts That Just Might Kill You Before Lunch AlterNet

Salt is the new deadly culprit to good health

3 Jun

If you are suffering from hypertension or heart problems you might want to watch your salt intake. In fact according to the latest scientific research, salt or sodium is a bigger problem for your health than fat. 
   Canadian Broadcasting Corporation recently did some research into the fat, sodium and other ingredients in some of our popular fast foods and the result was just staggering.  There should be a law against so much salt in one serving of food.

Here are some examples:

McD’s  quarter pounder with cheese has a whopping 1500mg sodium

MCD’s McGriddles sandwich -Egg. sausage, ham and cheese – 1500mg sodium

Milestones Bocconcini    has  2050 mg

Milestones chicken pesto pizza has  3530 for a serving of 425 gr

Most of the  popular fast foods have a ridiculous amount of sodium.
Stay away from foods that you do not have information about their sodium content. You will feel healthier lots healthier.  I am amazed at the junk that we eat and call it food. Is it any wonder we are plagued by so many deadly diseases – our fast food and restaurants have turned our stomachs into a sea of toxic salt.

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