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Pot is showing itself to be something that can heal the common man and save taxpayers dollars

3 Dec

Marijuana is a medicinal plant that was used in the Caribbean for many years.  There is even a folk song about it and no one was going crazy with it. Unlike.  There is plenty of proof that this could be the magic bullet for cancer but Iam afraid that the government is waiting to put it in the hands of pharmaceuticals to make millions out of a cure that is within the reach of the individual.  Why can’t marijuana be legalized so that people could heal themselves.  There are no side effects with the use of this drug that has appeared to work miracles in the lives of countless people. What is the hold up. Once this is put in the hands of pharmaceutical company they are going to mess it up and before long there will be long lists of side effects that go with its use because it would be tampered with foreign substances.

This is a herb and should be legalized now.  Too many people are suffering and looking for relief.


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