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Foods that promote healthy blood pressure

31 Dec

According to dietitians, these foods help to promote health and to keep your blood pressure in check

Foods high in potassiumBananas, citrus fruit, dried apricots, fish (especially salmon, flounder, and tuna), green leafy vegetables, legumes, melons, potato skins, poultry, raisins, tomatoes, whole-grain cereals, yogurt

Foods high in calcium
 Blackstrap molasses, broccoli, canned sardines and salmon (with bones), dairy products (milk, cheese, and yogurt), kale, tofu

Foods high in fiber
Apples, barley, brown rice, corn, legumes, nuts, potatoes with skin, prunes, whole-grain cereal and bread, yams

Foods high in magnesium

Fish, green leafy vegetables, legumes, meat, nuts, poultry, whole grains

Calcium may be helpful in control of high blood pressure

21 Dec

There is some emerging evidence that suggests a low calcium intake may contribute to high blood pressure, but calcium’s exact role in hypertension is unknown. One theory holds that a lack of calcium in the diet predisposes your body to retain sodium, which raises blood pressure. For this reason, it may be especially important that salt-sensitive people with hypertension get enough calcium.

While there’s evidence that consuming plenty of calcium-rich foods and beverages may help prevent hypertension, efforts to control blood pressure with calcium supplements have had mixed results. Studies found supplements successfully reduced both systolic and diastolic pressures in pregnant hypertensive women. But clinical trials involving patients with essential hypertension have been largely disappointing. For most people, calcium supplement either made no difference or reduced blood pressure only slightly — by an average of 1–2 mm Hg in systolic readings. Although some people experienced dramatic reductions in blood pressure with the supplements, there seems to be no common denominator, such as race or sex, among those who achieved such gains.

  Scientists are saying they are not ready yet to tell me to consume more calcium in order to lower blood pressure because calcium on its own is good for the body because it builds strong bones.

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