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Have you ever tried having worms as pets

25 Apr

I love worms myself. Some of you might go eek!.  I love to pick them up and feel them crawl around in the palm of my hand.  It is no surprise that I have taken up the matter of worm composting. However, I have not been so fortunate.  I have made two attempts and both times my worms have died on me and thanks to the website below I now know why.  I am going to try again for a third time using the knowledge I have gained from the website below.  If you would like to produce soil to grow your plants and would like to do it the simplest way possible try worm compositing. It is fun, exciting and very useful.  Through these little crawlies your bio cuttings would be turned into black gold.  Enjoy the article below

Talking about Worm Composting

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