Why Cow’s Milk

28 Jan

Every year there are complaints and concerns about the amount of toxins we put into our systems through milk laced with chemicals, hormones and  antibiotics, many of which are harmful to humans when taken in excess of the normal dosage. Some farmers ply their animals with drugs to keep them going until they are going to be someone’s dinner or to produce more milk.  Why do we persist in drinking milk longer and more consistently than any other animal on the planet.  Why do we need milk after we are weaned from our mother’s milk which is the only milk we should be drinking. There are healthier alternatives to those who can’t be weaned from milk – there is almond, soy and other types of milk.

“F.D.A. is concerned that the same poor management practices which led to the meat residues may also result in drug residues in milk,” the agency said in a document explaining its plan to the industry. In the same document, the F.D.A. said it believed that the nation’s milk supply was safe.

Today, every truckload of milk is tested for four to six antibiotics that are commonly used on dairy farms. The list includes drugs like penicillin and ampicillin, which are also prescribed for people. Each year, only a small number of truckloads are found to be “hot milk,” containing trace amounts of antibiotics. In those cases, the milk is destroyed.

But dairy farmers use many more drugs that are not regularly tested for in milk. Regulators are concerned because some of those other drugs have been showing up in the slaughterhouse testing.  Read the entire article below.


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