Beware of sweet smelling air

9 Sep

As we become so averse to natural human scents and smells largely triggered by advertisements that tell us that these scents are bad and unnatural and we should do our best to cover them up, which they invent for us at a nice little profit for themselves. These products such as  air fresheners are not only polluting the environment, they are polluting our bodies as well and may even be causing some of the cancers we are seeing more of these days.  Many of these air fresheners have toxic compounds that are harmful to health.  Whether they cause cancer or not, why are we so gullible as humans to suck up air from cans the content of which we do not have a clue.

Environmentalists are now saying that the undisclosed compounds should now be disclosed so that we know what we are inhaling.

  Here is a sampling of some of the products that environmentalists are concerned with that have no disclosure: For crying out loud people, stop the drain on our environment, use soap and water, open windows, air out places naturally and let’s keep some of the good life for our forbears.

“We rely on product information (such as labels) and product regulations to reduce potential risks,” says Anne Steinemann of University of Washington in her article says, published online in the Environmental Impact Assessment Review in July.

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